My New Podcast

Millennials. An innovative generation driven by questioning the status quo. My generation. As disheartening as it is to admit, my generation is not the biggest fan of church. And I completely understand why. Unwilling to grow and embrace new ideas, unreceptive to change and rethinking old traditions, many churches today desperately cater to millennials while … More My New Podcast

House Of Mirrors

I want to live in a house of mirrors so I can see beauty everywhere. I beg daddy to take us to the traveling circus in town. He says “yes.” I scan the grounds for it, unimpressed by the smooth-talking gambler or the eye in the sky. I’m hungry, but I push it aside. I … More House Of Mirrors

My Creed

Based on a narrative view of the Scriptures in honor of the Early Church Fathers’ tradition: PROLOGUE: CREATION God (Father, Son, Spirit) creates the world and makes humanity in His image. God reigns over creation, but limits His power so humans can freely rule with Him. Humans reject God in favor of their own authority. … More My Creed

Music At The Moment (2016 Review, Part 2)

Continued from last post Where The Light Shines Through by Switchfoot Switchfoot has never really put out a bad album, some are just better than others. Where The Light Shines Through definitely ranks pretty high up in their in the better. Although still unable to top their 2009 masterpiece Hello Hurricane, this album includes some … More Music At The Moment (2016 Review, Part 2)

Music At The Moment (2016 Review, Part 1)

What a crazy year it’s been! From anticipated releases to unexpected surprises, 2016 shaped-up to be quite the year in music. Now there’s plenty of people on the Internet praising Bon Iver’s new album and analyzing Life of Pablo, so I don’t feel the need to do that here. Instead, I’ll be focusing specifically on artists … More Music At The Moment (2016 Review, Part 1)