House Of Mirrors

I want to live in a house of mirrors so I can see beauty everywhere. I beg daddy to take us to the traveling circus in town. He says “yes.” I scan the grounds for it, unimpressed by the smooth-talking gambler or the eye in the sky. I’m hungry, but I push it aside. I … More House Of Mirrors

My Name Is Hevel

  A time for everything under the sun Because life is a canvas for folly and fun Cautiously caressing the surface to feel it Delicately textured, this leaf seems fit Embracing the dance soon to come Feeling out the scene, no longer numb Gliding now across streams of solace Hanging close to the sights of … More My Name Is Hevel

A Time For Everything (Part 1): Embracing the Dream Walker

May, 2006 – My life changed when I first heard We Don’t Need To Whisper by Angels & Airwaves. It was an album that taught me how to rejoice while mourning the death of my grandfather. This led me to embark on a spiritual voyage, bringing traces of clarity to my ruin of confusion. What … More A Time For Everything (Part 1): Embracing the Dream Walker