My New Podcast

Millennials. An innovative generation driven by questioning the status quo. My generation. As disheartening as it is to admit, my generation is not the biggest fan of church. And I completely understand why. Unwilling to grow and embrace new ideas, unreceptive to change and rethinking old traditions, many churches today desperately cater to millennials while … More My New Podcast

My Creed

Based on a narrative view of the Scriptures in honor of the Early Church Fathers’ tradition: PROLOGUE: CREATION God (Father, Son, Spirit) creates the world and makes humanity in His image. God reigns over creation, but limits His power so humans can freely rule with Him. Humans reject God in favor of their own authority. … More My Creed

My Core Principles

I’m normally not the biggest advocate of leadership books (to be honest, they all sound the same). But lately I’ve been struck by Brad Lomenicks’s book H3 Leadership (Humble Hungry, Hustle). Not only is it very comprehensive and biblically based, but it also challenges the reader in so many practical ways. One of those challenges I … More My Core Principles