My Creed


Based on a narrative view of the Scriptures in honor of the Early Church Fathers’ tradition:

God (Father, Son, Spirit) creates the world and makes humanity in His image.
God reigns over creation, but limits His power so humans can freely rule with Him.
Humans reject God in favor of their own authority.
Humans turn against God & one another in lives marked by sin with consequences.
God chooses to reveal Himself to humanity, working through their brokenness.

God creates a people for Himself, Israel, to be His representatives to the world.
God promises to set the world right and bless all peoples through Israel.
Israel turns away from God and worships false idols.
God stays with Israel and makes a covenant of law and land with her.
Israel struggles with God and ultimately fails her calling, rejecting God as King.
Israel goes into exile, but is delivered from it.
God renews His promise to set the world right through Israel.

Jesus comes as God incarnate in flesh.
Jesus reveals the true nature of God to the world, thereby fulfilling Israel’s calling.
Jesus preaches the love-driven kingdom of God through teachings and miracles.
Jesus is rejected as King, feeling humanity’s pain by suffering death on a cross.
Jesus chooses to forgive sins.
Jesus rises from the dead, conquering the powers of sin, death, and evil.
Jesus ascends into heaven, interceding for His own, promising to return for them.

God grants salvation to humans who trust in Jesus by uniting them unto Him.
Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to live inside God’s people, making them more like Him.
The Spirit forms the Church, communities of Jesus followers.
The Church is called to unite in Jesus and love one another.
The Church fulfills Israel’s role as God’s representatives to the world.
The World rejects Jesus and His Church.
The Church makes disciples & observes the sacraments, anticipating Jesus’ return.

Jesus returns to judge every human, living and dead.
God sets the world right by making all things new in Jesus.
God restores creation by uniting heaven and earth.
The Church, Jesus’ Bride, rules alongside Him in His Kingdom eternally.
God dwells with His people forever.


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