A Dance With Desire

Bless my heart, forevermore on this day 
   Beauty unveiled is beheld in sight
   Her eyes glistened like sea in the sunshine
My eyes windows to vicious tidal waves
Fallible one I am, go not astray
   Adorned in hints of gold and opaque white
   She brings colors of royalty to life
Could it be that she needs me in some way?
And my mind races to restrain from more
   Who am I to dabble in fantasy?
   To flirt against fate invites agony
Yet my heart says without her I’ll be torn
   The fracture of my being made complete
   As she graciously glides on close to me

She speaks with elegance, calmness profound
   My face foregoes pigment and emotion
   Surely I’m dead or dreaming this notion
But she invites me to dance with the sounds
Of bolstering bass buzzes all around
   The trebly tsks, hypnotic potions
   Clawing my mind, demanding devotion
I commit to her, knowing I am bound
We shake and shutter, flake and flutter, wow
   Under the backdrop of rainbows with glee
   The grandest of spotlights for all to see
From tangos to twists, we set the trend now
   Center stage in complete conformity
   This is my time, our moment of glory

Carnal lips perched by the sweetest union
   Of forbidden delicacy delight
   That which was foreign now beheld in sight
We find ourselves in Holy Communion
Dabbling amongst fruits of spring’s reunion
   That which is surely pleasing to the eye
   Strokes insides with delicacy divine
Nothing can ever lay me to ruin!
Taste! I have now taste! Yes, I have this taste!
   But is it right for me to feel this good?
   I’d stay with her forever if I could
Embracing it, leaving nothing to waste
   As the sun sets with the songs of sparrows
   My dance so halts with the one called Eros



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