My Name Is Hevel



A time for everything under the sun
Because life is a canvas for folly and fun
Cautiously caressing the surface to feel it
Delicately textured, this leaf seems fit
Embracing the dance soon to come
Feeling out the scene, no longer numb
Gliding now across streams of solace
Hanging close to the sights of creation, so flawless
Inquiring eyes on business not my own
Just curious about what evermore has made known
Kindness foreign to the wretched worms below
Leaving, I know not where next to go
My eardrums rattle with rhythms of grace
Nearing a nest of swallows, I turn my face
Only to remember that they too are unkind
Placing to rest the curiosities of my mind
Qualm quiet day
Reeling in the scents of new places
Smells of honeydew and fresh grass amazes
Taste, I have no taste!
Ubiquitous landscapes help me quicken my haste
Vain pursuits flood my veins like a snare
Who can answer my prayer?
Xoanon, can you help me?
Yield some delicious fruit to see
Zip, zip, and away!

Zooming in to find something to eat
Yielding to enemy trout that see us as meat
Xoanan, can you save us?
Waning idol you are no match for thus!
Veering over the fish, I see one of my kind
Under his breath he speaks his mind:
“There is beauty in my pain
Solace for this shame
Redeeming, I give my life for these few
Queer it may seem, I give my life back to You”
Pitiful pieces of mayfly now rest in peace
O the strangeness of this set piece
Navigating through the stage of life
Minding my business only to come across this strife
Life wasted, his one shot now gone
Killed to spare us, was he wrong?
Just one day, we get to live
Instead this one chose to give
His life now ceased so we could escape
Granting us freedom so our lives can be shaped
From an event so foreign to logic and sense
Enemy trout now satisfied at his expense
Did his dying words echo any sort of truth?
Can joy really be found in sacrifice, even in youth?
By this I know a new love, a way
All because of a mayfly savior, the great Agape






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