My Christian Reconstruction (Part 1)

The Gospel Story:

Good News Concerning God and Humanity.

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There exists the One we call God, Jehovah, YHWH, LORD. He is eternal and holy, present everywhere and always good. All wisdom is found in Him. Words cannot describe the weight of His glory or the essence of his majesty. The deity of God is made up of three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. They live in perfect relationship with one another. This Trinitarian dynamic (one God, three persons) is indeed a mystery that cannot be reconciled or fathomed through finite reasoning.

God set out to tell a revelatory love story. This story is one of creation, fall, redemption, bride, and (re)creation. In all of these chapters, God calls light out of darkness. God chooses to reveal Himself in the story through both nature and the narrative of Scripture (Old and New Testaments), written by men but inspired by God. These writings are subject to cultural context, interpretation, genre, and bias, but nonetheless reflect how God revealed Himself to different people, in different places, in different times, and in different ways. Scriptural knowledge is not only received by faith but also tested and applicable. It does not contain all truth, but necessary truth. The Bible is a drama, which contains doctrine, intended for doxology, leading to discipleship.

God created a beginning (bringing forth light out of darkness) in which He was present, constituting a universe of space, time, and matter. He created it all, including the earth and everything on it, over a long period of time. Everything God created was good, but God created one creature that He called very good: man. As a relational being, God knew it was not good for man to be alone, so He created woman. Both male and female are made beautifully in His image, or likeness; they are equal in status and worth before the eyes of the Lord. Humans are an equal composition of body, soul, and spirit. Whether God created them through a scientific process called evolution or not is irrelevant (though He may have); what matters is that God is the Author of life. Life therefore has purpose, meaning, and value.

God created humans to be in personal relationship with Him for all of time. In order for genuine relationship to take place, God had to create humans with a freewill, thus making them free moral agents to choose good (God’s character and ways) or evil (the perversion or absence of good). However, before anyone was created, God’s will sovereignly elected for Himself a people who would stay true to Him. The correlation between man’s will and God’s choice is indeed a divine mystery (since God is outside of time yet experienced inside it). God institutes the covenant of marriage, the sacrament of sex, and the cultural mandate to care for the earth. Humanity is created to ascribe worth (worship) to their Creator above created things, thereby enjoying His presence, gifts, and pleasures in life.

Part 2 Coming Soon


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