Reflections On My English Holiday


Recently my wife and I took a holiday (vacation) to England. This was truly the trip of a lifetime, everything we could have possibly wanted! There was so much that we did, but for the sake of time here’s just a few of the highlights

1. St Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The majority of our time was spent in London. We went to many impressive historical sites with rich history such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Warwick Castle. But the towering St. Paul’s Cathedral stole the show for me. With its marvelous murals on the walls and the rich heritage, it was breathtaking to walk inside to. The architecture of UK churches is a sight to behold, but most sites tend to look more like the Westminster Abbey with the Gothic style. This was quite refreshing in style and stands across the city skyline as a sight to behold. The real treat however came when we unexpectedly decided to climb the steep steps all the way to the very top of the dome, with the best view of London you could get.

We’ve reached the top!

2. Bath

The beauty of Bath

We surely got our fix on exploring English countryside. From Oxford to Stratsford to Stonehenge, there was a lot of beauty to take in. But the ancient Roman colony of Bath was in a league of its own. The city set on a hill, while roaming through Bath you could feel the rich heritage of this flourishing community. From musicians to various shops, restaurants, and parks, this city was about as perfect as a town can get. If I ever move out of the country, it will surely be here.

Just can’t beat that English countryside

3. The Food and Culture

Contrary to popular belief, English food is quite delicious. We ate a little bit of everything, from burgers in pubs, to fish and chips on the river, to scones at tea time. All of it was excellent and high quality. My personal favorite discovery were the raspberry tarts.

Afternoon Tea Time

British culture is quite spectacular really. Unlike America which prides itself on everything new, I really appreciated how much the British celebrate their heritage and history. The older it is, the more treasured it becomes to people. It truly is a remarkable story of a nation, and thanks to the well-kept preservation of sights and landmarks, you can just feel the drama of history come alive around you. Some of my favorite authors (Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis), musicians (The Beatles, Muse), and filmmakers (Christopher Nolan) come out of this culture, and their heritage certainly shines in the quality of their work. We had many great opportunities to engage in British culture, including a trip to the cinema, daily usage of the Underground transportation system, and paying visits to the home of Shakespeare and the famous Abbey Road. Other highlights included shopping at the Portobello Market, watching street performers in Trafalgar Square, and awing at the British Museum.

The hardest picture to get, good job Tori! (Abbey Road, The Beatles)

Although I can check this destination off my bucket list (it was one of my top priorities) we no doubt intend to return to explore more of this great country.

Our final stop of the trip, St. James’ Park.

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