The First Commandment

If God is the Water of life, then what is everything else? The milks, the shakes, the juices, the sports drinks, the sodas, the smoothies, the coffees, the teas, the beers, the wines, the rums, the vodkas, etc. They are pleasurable, but not always filling. They are satisfying, but only for a brief moment. They all have their place, but are not of supreme importance. As humans, it’s natural to get bored with the Water sometimes; we long to find a taste that is more “unique” and “refreshing.” But we’re not content for long; no matter how long it takes, we still go back to the Water. We drink of it on the basis of faith that it will keep us alive for the rest of our days. Water is our key to thrive and not just survive, even if we don’t recognize it. Everything else is vapor.


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