A Time For Everything (Part 1): Embracing the Dream Walker

May, 2006 – My life changed when I first heard We Don’t Need To Whisper by Angels & Airwaves. It was an album that taught me how to rejoice while mourning the death of my grandfather. This led me to embark on a spiritual voyage, bringing traces of clarity to my ruin of confusion. What did I discover? God.

December, 2014 – Over the years Angels & Airwaves put out more great albums; all the while, I learned more about God and began following Him. But when I listened to their new album The Dream Walker, I realized it was time to take another voyage. With this new direction, more raw and honest, I have already made one profound discovery: Immanuel, God with us.

Looking back on 2014, this has no doubt been the most challenging and humbling year of my life. From moving away, to getting married, to starting all over in the workplace and ministry, this transition has been full of heartache and vexation. For no longer was I surrounded by the comfort of old friends and allies. No longer would I come home to the sweet, familiar smell and embrace of my parent’s. I was alone in this strange new world, or so I thought. Because from the moment I left my driveway in California and took the 5-day journey into the unknown of Florida, my faith was rejuvenated like never before.

My last moment in California on my drive to Florida.
My last moment in California on my drive to Florida.

Even though I doubted God more this year than before, I strangely feel closer to Him; I know He is with me. Maybe it’s because God is no longer just something I study in a book, but rather someone I depend on to live a good life (an entry for another day). Nevertheless, I am grateful He uses doubt to draw me closer, even though at times I question His very existence. He has also blessed me with new friends, a new job and ministry, and most importantly a wonderful wife, who I would never trade for anything.

Therefore, I am not alone. Sure, none of these new blessings replace the old ones back home, but they compliment them nicely in the story the Great Author is writing for my life. At first I was afraid of change, which made it difficult to enjoy this new life; but now I adore it. The Dream Walker helped me see that although there are new chapters in life, full of dreams and opportunity, they must be embraced to be enjoyed; this is done by learning how to trust the Author [God] along the way. That’s what this blog is about.

I will always hold Whisper in high regard with nostalgic fondness, as I do with my old life; but for now, The Dream Walker is my anthem of choice as I come to grips with making this journey worthwhile.

So here is to moving forward into the unknown and trusting in God along the way.

Welcome to my blog!

To Be Continued


One thought on “A Time For Everything (Part 1): Embracing the Dream Walker

  1. Hello Derrick, would like to congratulate you on your Blog! Beautifully written and so very honest! I believe every one of us experiences times, moments like that and somehow find the strength to move forward! With the New Year before us, let the good Lord guide us All and we will be fine! ❤


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